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Core Data vs. SQLite. Comparing the two iOS storage technologies.​

Bumper Sticker.  Download the fun sticker for your office or car.


Going Native.  How to call native C/C++ code from an Android application.


Issue #4. RTSP - Real Time Streaming Protocol. Summer 2009

Issue #3. Linux KDB debugging, this article featured in the November 2005 issue of Dr. Dobbs magazine. Sample KDB module code Liux USB device driver. Linux USB Sample Driver Fall 2005

Microsoft PDC05 Highlights. Highlights from the Microsoft 2005 Professional Developers Conference. Fall 2005

Issue #2. USB Device Driver, article featured in the April 2004 issue of Dr. Dobbs magazine. USB Sample Driver .NET

Top 5 things you need. Winter 2004

Issue #1. Windows Resource Locking, Linux SNMP Primer. Fall 2002 Sample Driver