Golden Bits Software offers a wide range of development services from quick prototyping to complete application design and development. We have experience with the entire product development cycle from concept to implementation.

Past project highlights:


• Security. Developed security layer using Microchip ECC608A, integrated into MBED TLS stack. 

• Mobile.  iOS, Android.  Applicaiton updates and extended functionality.


 • Digital Media.  Worked on HLS streaming application,  major redesign of video broadcast video server.


• Platforms. Developed applicaiton and system level code for Linux, Windows, and Mac platforms.


• Storage. Fibre channel, SCSI, storage device driver for NT, Win2K, XP, Linux.

• Embedded Systems. ARM 729, runing uClinux, ARM 929 running Linux. Wrote portions of application code for both systems.  Also worked with uC/OS-II using a Motorola ColdFire 5206e.  Extended USB capabilites for a Golf Simulator that use TI DSP.

• Device Drivers. Windows, Linux, FreeBSD. WDM, SCSI full port driver, and NDIS network packet driver. USB drivers for Windows and Linux. Network packet inspection driver used for intrusion detection.

• Multimedia. Experienced with Settop systems, MPEG, transport streams, chipsets (Broadcom 7401, 7405). Developed transport stream multiplexer engine.

From this wide range of experience, Golden Bits provides solid experience across different technologies.

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