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Engineering Services

We have experience with the entire product development cycle from concept to implementation.

In addition we can help with existing projects or startup a new project until you are able to fully staff. Other services include porting applications to different platforms, functional and technical designs, load testing, project and technical review.


Technical Experience

  • Security.

  • Digital Media.

  • Mobile.  iOS, Android.

  • Windows, Linux, Mac

  • Device Drivers

  • Embedded Systems

  • Communications, TCP/IP, Winsock

  • 25 years application and system level development

How can Golden Bits Software help?

  • Immediate access to extensive engineering resources without lengthy (and usually costly) recruiting.
  • Maximize your dollars by only using our services as needed.
  • Avoid overhead costs such as SSI and health benefits associated with permanent employees.
  • Supplement project resources needed in specific areas and/or at specific times to meet deadlines.